SoftScapes refers to elements of landscaping that is alive. SoftScaping includes grasses, flowers, trees, vegetables, or shrubs.

There are many options available when having your house landscaped into that perfect dream home. The one that you see in pictures with the green lawn, scultped beds, and always picture-perfect plants. Our knowledge of different plants, trees and shrubs, soil types, and doing the right things at the right times, allows us to easily make your property that picture-perfect.

Contact us for information about all of your SoftScape needs. We would love to help!

Features for SoftScapes:
  • lawncare; dethatching, fertilizing, over-seeding, top dressing, watering, lawn painting
  • flower bed design and / or installation
  • vegetable garden installation and maintenance. Have garden fresh produce all season
  • seasonal clean-up; leaves, beds, and dethatching
  • hedging, pruning, maintenance of plants, trees, grasses, and shrubs
  • mulch installation
  • plant installation
  • sod installation
  • soil sampling
  • tilling
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